Our Aerospace client in Indianapolis, IN needed to remove existing PCB containing Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks that contained PCBs and install ten (10) new 350 KVAR Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks.  The project was part of the clients overall environmental initiative.

The detailed design by Dynamic Engineering Design included specifications of the new capacitor banks and all other electrical components.  The design drawings provided the layouts and details for a complete installation.

Dynamic Engineering Design was responsible for bid management of both the equipment purchase and installation.  Equipment specifications and bid packages were managed for purchase of the new capacitor banks directly by the owner.  The installation bid package included the detail design drawings, contract documents and the project scope of work.  Additionally DED managed the pre-bid walk-thru, and bid review.

At the award of the project Dynamic Engineering Design managed the construction.  The role of construction manager consisted of monitoring quality and progress, coordinating outages for the installation of the current transformers within the existing switchgear, system start-up, and verification of project completion. The project also called for administrative duties such as safety inspections and reports, and the management and review of change orders.

A key concern for the project was also proper handling and disposal of the old capacitors that contained PCBs.  Dynamic Engineering Design coordinated and monitored this aspect of the project as well.