Our Energy client needed to provide agitation within their existing sludge tank to allow solids to remain suspended and be pumped out in the slurry.  The solution was to recycle water through two pumps and discharge into the tank at the bottom with high pressure nozzles.  The water discharge created a circulation within the tank and the solids remained in suspension.

The detailed design by Dynamic Engineering Design covered all components of the design, piping, instrumentation, controls, and structural supports.

Dynamic Engineering Design was responsible for the specification, design, and installation inspection.  This also included a manufacturer warranty demonstration.

Dynamic Engineering Design also handled the bidding process for the selection of the installation contractor.  This included a detailed bid package and scope of work, pre-bid walk-thru, and bid review.

Dynamic Engineering Design also fabricated and installed a control panel to provide operation for the pumps that were installed as part of the overall project.