Our Aerospace client needed to add a 2,000 square foot high security office area to their existing plant.  The office area was constructed in an existing penthouse on an existing office building.  The completed office area was constructed for the approval of the use of top secret classified information.

Included in the office area were meeting rooms, work stations, offices, and a conference room. This project also included a high security computer server room.  Dynamic Engineering Design (DED) was responsible for design of the HVAC systems, power, lighting, voice and data networks, and security systems.  The construction management services included the oversight of structural and architectural installations as well as the mechanical, electrical, and communications.

As construction managers DED ensured that the installation was performed in accordance with the construction specifications for the high security office area.  Strict measures had to be followed to keep individual rooms separate and secure within the new office area, and to keep the office area as a whole separate and secure from the adjacent building and plant.  All security specifications had to be adhered to under U.S. Government JAFAN 6-9 physical standards for Special Access Program Facilities (SAPFs).

In addition to monitoring the quality and adherence to the specifications, DED was responsible for monitoring the construction schedule and coordinating owner and security inspections.