Our Aerospace client in Indianapolis, IN needed to replace their existing steam water heaters that supply hot water for building heat.  The existing system was over 60 years old and was in poor condition.  This project also included replacing the associated piping and improving the controls system.

The detailed design by Dynamic Engineering Design covered all components of the demolition, structural, steam, water, and condensate piping, electrical, and instrumentation for a complete installation of the new 40,000,000 BTU/Hr, 7,000 GPM Heat Exchanger.

Dynamic Engineering Design was responsible for the specification and bid packages of the materials and equipment to be purchased directly by the owner.  This included the heat exchanger, control valves, condensate recovery components, and instrumentation.

Dynamic Engineering Design also handled the bidding process for the selection of the installation contractor.  This included a detailed bid package and scope of work, pre-bid walk-thru, and bid review.

At the award of the project Dynamic Engineering Design managed the construction.  The role of construction manager consisted of monitoring quality and progress, coordinating outages and tie-ins, coordination of work by the owner, system start-up, and verification of project completion.  The project also called for administrative duties such as safety meetings, inspections, and reports, and management and review of change orders.