Our Energy client at their Indianapolis, IN facility needed a containment area for oil, solvents, and miscellaneous hazardous material. The quantities proposed to be stored were greater than those allowed within a control area as defined by the IBC; therefore the area was required to be designed as an H-2 occupancy. H-2 occupancy required the installation of separation walls, fire rated doors, spill containment, continuous ventilation system, automatic fire sprinklers, emergency alarms, emergency power, leakage alarms, tank overflow protection, and Class 1, Div. 2 electrical gear.

Containment was provided to keep oil separate from solvents and designed to allow for movement of drums. The containment area would consist of drums of waste solvents, drum of waste paint, drums of waste oil, a double wall waste oil tank, and more. A pump system was provided to allow the 55 gallon drums of waste oil to be pumped into the double wall tank.

Dynamic Engineering Design provided design drawings for the demolition and relocation of the existing structural and electrical items. These drawings also detailed the installation of the containment system, separation walls, fire rated doors, ventilation system, emergency and leakage alarms, overfill protection, emergency power, and automatic sprinkler system. Preparation of project and construction specifications was also provided by Dynamic Engineering Design.