Our Energy client at their Indianapolis, IN facility, desired to dewater their softener sludge. The scope of this project was to design and install a new filter press system. A new building was designed to house all new process equipment and a 20 cubic yard sludge containment bin.

Due to site space limitations, the structure was built within an existing coal bunker having tapered concrete walls 30 feet deep.  For the main support only one new isolated spread footing was used, while concrete piers were dowelled into the tapered section of the existing concrete wall in three places.  The main floor consists of an elevated concrete slab at grade, which is dowelled into the existing coal pit walls used to resolve lateral shear forces.

The mechanical portion of the project included equipment selection, piping design, heating and ventilation for the new facility.

Electrical power was provided from existing switchgear within the facility.  New lighting was provided within the new process areas and power distribution was provided for all new facility and process equipment.