Our Chemical Manufacturing client needed to replace an existing equipment support structure and the associated catwalk that had corroded from chemical exposure.  The client requested that the new structure be made completely of fiberglass components.  Additionally, the client had a limited outage window for the replacement of the structure.

Dynamic Engineering Design visited the site to conduct a detailed on-site investigation to take field measurements.  With the limited outage the new structure, pre-assembly had to be maximized and the new structure had to fit precisely in place of the existing structure.

Dynamic Engineering Design provided project drawings for the following:

  • Existing structure demolition
  • New fiberglass columns, beams, channels, braces, etc. to support equipment and catwalk
  • Connection details including the use of fiberglass bolting materials.
  • New fiberglass catwalk, decking, and handrail on all sides of the equipment
  • New fiberglass stairs to the adjacent catwalks