Our Aerospace client needed to update cooling capacities on their existing vacuum induction melting (VIM) line. Updates included: 2 new 420gpm cooling towers, glycol circulation pump, 2 plate type heat exchangers, and associated piping and component updates.

Dynamic Engineering Design provided process design to determine the size of the new cooling towers, expansion of the glycol piping loop system, sizing of 2 new plate exchangers in the VIM cooling water system, and VIM cooling water return line sizing and pressure issues.

New cooling tower installation had to be conducted while the existing cooling towers were kept in operation for plant production. Glycol pump installation included installation of in-line check valves on the 2 existing glycol pumps. New check valves were also installed on the existing VIM cooling water pump lines. Circuit setting valves were added to the VIM cooling water return lines to increase efficiency. Cooling tower and plate exchanger installations included all associated pressure and temperature monitoring equipment.

Dynamic Engineering Design also provided electrical design for this project. Design included pump and cooling tower power supplies, lighting updates, and installation of a new 60KW back-up power generator.