A steel building was designed to house motor control centers and electrical distribution equipment.

Structural Design
The mezzanine was designed per the 2000 International Building Code and the floor was located approximately 10 feet above the existing concrete slab.  Tube columns were used to support the mezzanine to the floor and they were located to miss existing equipment and piping.  An existing platform was modified to allow access to the new mezzanine floor and roof.  Checkered plate was used on the mezzanine floor and the building was enclosed with metal siding and roof deck. 

Electrical Design
Two existing motor control centers located in an existing process area were replaced with new units and located within the new mezzanine enclosure.  The existing units were field surveyed to determine the components required in the new lineups.  Special attention was required to fit all the necessary equipment in the new room while meeting applicable code clearances.