Our Aerospace client in Indianapolis, IN needed to replace fuel, steam piping, and associated equipment within containment areas to and from an existing fuel tanks and pump houses.

Dynamic Engineering Design provided the piping design for the installation of new fuel piping and steam piping between the tank and pump house. Steam piping was routed to new coil heaters at the fuel tank and used to heat trace fuel piping. Compressed air was routed from the powerhouse to valves within the containment area. Two steam reducing stations were installed to reduce steam for coil heaters and tracing. Pressure indicators, control valves, pressure regulators, and traps were all used during the installation of the steam and air systems. A new condensate pump was installed to pump all condensate from the containment area to an underground process sewer. A sump pit was installed to allow the pumping of the containment area in case of leakage. New pipe support sleepers were design and installed within the containment area, as well as a concrete pad for the condensate pump.

Control plans were designed for new temperature indication instruments. Instrument location plans, wiring diagrams, and conduit/wiring drawings were also provided.

In addition, a bid package which included scope of work, detailed design documents, and the required general conditions was prepared and submitted to contractors.