The project included the installation of two 20,000 gallon FRP batch tanks within an existing facility.  The batch tanks were used for chemical addition and mixing to neutralize waste water. Other process equipment included: a new filter press, pumps, filters, agitators, electric bayonet heater, relocation of an existing scrubber, and new truck unloading stations.

The mechanical / piping portion of the project included major piping runs to and from the new tankage.  The new piping design included water, filtrate, acid, caustic, and other reagent piping.  Piping materials used on this project included carbon steel, PVC, Teflon lined pipe, and FRP.

The civil / structural scope included new foundations for the new process area and secondary containment around the new batch tanks.  The existing roof was removed in the area of the new tanks and a penthouse was designed to allow for the installation of the new taller tanks.

Control devices were wired to an existing Siemens PLC.  The control devices specified on the project included: Control valves, Flow meters, Level Control devices, pH Monitoring devices, Flow Control, Sulfide Monitoring, Capacitance Switches, Pressure Control, devices, VFD Motor Speed Controllers.

Electrical power wiring was provided from an existing MCC within the facility.  New lighting was provided within the new process area and the new high bay tank area.  A 75 HP variable frequency drive was specified and installed.  The project scope also included electrical heat tracing as well as demolition required for the roof removal and penthouse installation.

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