Dynamic Engineering Design is committed to providing responsive professional service dedicated to first time, error free performance.  We plan, organize, and execute our work to always conform to our client’s and our internal requirements.  These requirements are defined and communicated through controlled project documentation.  Dynamic Engineering Design achieves continuous improvement in the quality of our provided services through our Quality Assurance Program.

The president of Dynamic Engineering Design has the overall responsibility for the Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Processes.  Supporting this responsibility is the Quality Steering Committee comprised of the Board of Directors.  They provide the Dynamic Engineering Design management commitment to Quality Assurance.  On a project level, the Project Manager has the overall responsibility for quality achievement in Dynamic’s project team, contractors, subcontractors, and other suppliers.  Every Dynamic Engineering Design employee is responsible for quality and has the authority and responsibility to:

  • Identify and report quality problems,
  • Stop nonconforming activity,
  • Initiate solutions to problems,
  • Implement corrective actions,
  • Become trained in our Quality Assurance Program.

Dynamic Engineering Design maintains procedures to identify, control, and verify Quality activities in design, procurement, and construction.  The Project Manager controls the preparation, issuance, and change of all project documentation and has the responsibility for assuring conformance and effectiveness with Dynamic’s project specific standards.  Through project reviews and quality audits, corrective actions may be implemented to best assure the effectiveness of Dynamic Engineering Design’s Quality Assurance Program to continuously improve the quality of the provided Dynamic Engineering Design services.