The project consisted of TEA recovery equipment, Methylene Chloride steam stripping equipment, and Ethyl Chloride distillation equipment.  The TEA recovery system consisted of two agitated, 100 gallon, lined, ASME Code vessels for caustic treatment of HCl-TEA waste.  New equipment in the Methylene Chloride and Ethyl Chloride systems consisted of a feed preheater / discharge cooler, tray column with direct steam injection and two stages of condensers, decanters, bottoms cooler, and packed column with steam heated reboiler.  New pumps were furnished for circulation of steam, chilled water, column feed, and bottoms transfer.

The mechanical design included process and utility piping, utility stations, safety showers, and eyewashes.  A tie-in package was prepared to allow tie-ins to occur at minimal notice during unscheduled plant outages.  Carbon steel, stainless steel, Teflon lined stainless steel, and PVC piping was utilized on this project.

Civil / Structural design included foundations, pump and equipment pads, piperacks, and catwalks.

The instrumentation and controls design included specification and purchase of approximately 100 field devices.  Wiring of these devices was run to local field junction boxes then by multiconductor cable back to an existing PLC.  The existing Allen Bradley control processor was utilized but required additional racks, remote I/O adapters, and I/O cards.

The electrical scope consisted of equipment grounding, power wiring, and lighting.  The electrical power was provided from an existing MCC room.

Dynamic Engineering’s scope started at conceptual design, included a front end engineering package with a definitive estimate, detailed design documents, and contractor bid package preparation.