Our aerospace client in Indianapolis, IN needed to eliminate their 150’ tall 250,000 gallon water sphere at their facility. The first phase of the project required modifications to the plant process water system piping and pumps and controls to allow for the elimination of the elevated sphere.

Piping plans, sections, and details were provided for the installation of a new process water control valve station, flow meter, pressure indicator, butterfly valves, and fittings. Material specifications and pipe support information were also provided.

An electrical plan was provided for installation of new VFD’s and the new process water pump control panel.  Instruments were also located and identified. The controls drawings consisted of the control panel layout, power distribution drawings, I/O wiring, and motor schematic.

Dynamic Engineering Design provided construction management services for each phase of the project.  The first phase included the modifications to the process water system piping and controls as well as the separation of the sphere from the existing underground utilities (water mains and electrical service).  This included coordination of the required outages.  A separate bid package was provided for the demolition of the water sphere. Construction management for the bid package demolition was also included.