Our environmental client was looking to improve productivity at their waste processing facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

To accomplish this, the following improvements to the plant were implemented: New Unloading Dock, Freight Elevator, Material Lift/Dumper, 3rd and 4th Floor Expansion, New Stair Tower and New Maintenance Platforms.

Dynamic Engineering Design provided the detailed design to complete the construction of the above improvements. 

The project design included:

  • Site/Civil Engineering to create access to new unloading docks, including underground utility relocations, new site drainage, a new retaining wall, asphalt paving, and site lighting.
  • New unloading dock building including dock pits, dock equipment (doors, levelers, control panels), lighting, power, and mechanical utilities.
  • Structural design of new fork-lift rated suspended concrete slabs, including structural steel supporting beams.  Lighting, power, and miscellaneous mechanical utilities were also provided at each floor.
  • Structural design of an exterior steel stair tower.
  • Structural design of interior steel maintenance platforms
  • Design for a new 85’ tall freight elevator and 80’ tall material lift/dumper.  Design of both lifts included foundation design, power, and mechanical utilities.  Design for the freight elevator also included access openings in the exterior building walls, and forklift rated structural steel platforms between the existing building and the freight elevator.