Our Chemical Manufacturing client in Indianapolis, IN needed to install a new scrubber in their existing manufacturing process.  The scrubber was needed to collect and treat vapor from and existing process.

The new equipment to be provided as part of this project included the new scrubber, a new scrubber pump, and a new cooling heat exchanger.  The heat exchanger provided as part of the scrubbing process was also connected to the existing chilled water loop.  Dynamic Engineering Design researched the loads on the existing plant chilled water system as well as researching the capacity of the existing chillers and chilled water supply and recirculation pumps to verify the existing system was sufficient for the added load of the scrubber heat exchanger.

Dynamic Engineering Design additionally furnished the complete detailed design drawings required for the installation of the scrubber and associated equipment.  The detailed design included the following
•    Concrete pads and structural supports for the equipment
•    Hydraulic calculations for the scrubber influent/effluent and chilled water piping.
•    Pump Sizing
•    General Arrangement, Piping, P&IDs, and Isometric Drawings
•    Temperature, level, and pressure instruments and controls
•    Power and control wiring to all components