Our aerospace client in Indianapolis, IN wanted to relocate and improve the bulk compressed gas systems at their facility as follows:
•    Relocate the existing 13,000 gallon nitrogen tank and vaporizer
•    Relocate the existing nitrogen membrane system
•    Relocate existing 4,500 gallon hydrogen tank and vaporizer
•    Relocate existing 6,000 gallon argon tank and vaporizer
•    Install new 1,500 gallon cryogenic nitrogen tank
Each of the above system components required new concrete foundations, new underground and exposed piping systems, electrical, controls, and phone/data.  Dynamic Engineering Design worked with the bulk gas supplier to provide a complete design for the mechanical, electrical, controls, and phone/data.

Piping plans with material specifications were developed to route new gaseous argon, gaseous and cryogenic nitrogen, and gaseous hydrogen piping from the new bulk plants to tie-ins within the facility.   Also included were city water piping and process sewer piping.  The electrical design covered the power feeds to new equipment, grounding plans and details, controls, phone, and data.

Dynamic Engineering Design provided construction management services for the following phases of the project:
•    Site and structural concrete installation
•    Installation of new mechanical and electrical components to each piece of equipment
•    Relocation of existing and installation of new bulk gas tanks and equipment by the bulk gas supplier
•    Coordinate outages, purging, and tie-ins of gas systems by plant personnel