Our Aerospace client needed to add on to and existing lab that is used for the testing and development of aircraft turbine engines.

Dynamic Engineering Design was responsible for the preliminary utility and process design of the engine test rig. Utilities included 1200 deg. F combustion and 800 deg. F exhaust air piping, bleed air systems, de-ionized water, quench water, and hydraulic systems.

Piping specifications for the combustion, exhaust, and bleed air systems required 316H stainless steel alloy piping and fittings.

Ventilation (HVAC) for this expansion is supplied by 2 roof-top mounted blowers. The first blower is 2,500 CFM and provides 24 hour ventilation of the test cell. The second blower is 25,000 CFM and provides purge ventilation during operating hours of the test cell.

Dynamic Engineering Design also provided electrical and lighting design on this project.