Our Food and Beverage client at their plant in Indianapolis, Indiana, needed to add crossover stairs and additional access to their production lines.

Roof and floor supported steel platforms were designed to support and access multiple conveyor systems used in the beverage manufacturing facility.  The platforms were framed around new equipment such as: Palletizer, Depalletizer, Rinser, Labeler, Filler, Cone Packer, and Cap Feeder.

High Level Platforms

To maximize floor space, the upper level platforms were roof supported using hangers from Constant Shear Joists.  In areas where constant shear joists were not practical, beams were used to carry the load.  Some beams spanned 50 feet, while maintaining a minimum overhead clearance below.

Low Level Platforms

The low level platforms were designed using small, stainless steel tube sections.  Stair crossovers were also designed to increase travel over and around conveyors.

Vibration Analysis

A vibration analysis was performed on two existing roof supported platforms to determine the structural integrity of each platform and the roof above.  To dampen the vibration to the platform, neoprene pads were recommended to be used on the conveyor supports.


Conveyor Platform 4Conveyor Platform 1