The scope of this project was to install scrubbing systems capable of processing waste compressed gas cylinders.  The materials to be scrubbed ranged almost the entire variety of gasses, although, only a handful were selected to be used as the basis of design.  Both caustic and acid scrubbing systems were installed. 

Cylinder enclosures were installed upstream of a wet scrubber, dry carbon bed, permanganate absorber, secondary wet scrubber, and secondary carbon bed.  The system was installed within an existing facility which required installation of fire separation walls, doors, secondary containment, as well as remediation of the existing roof and walls.  Other process equipment such as plate and frame heat exchangers, vent heaters, a cooling tower, fans, and make-up air units were also installed.  Two prefabricated room enclosures were installed for work and staging areas.

Materials of construction consisted of carbon steel and FRP equipment, Teflon lined piping, Stainless steel piping, and PVC ductwork.  The project included gas, air, water, vent, and argon piping.  Oxygen monitors, pH sensing devices, toxic gas monitors, LEL detection, level control, flow control, and detonation arresters were installed under the controls portion of work.  New lighting and power distribution completed the electrical scope of work.